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Velvit Welcomes LVNEA

April Engloner, of Montreal based line LVNEA, enlightens us about her journey in fragrance blending, her personal favorite scent, and the role of perfume in the world of fashion.

Velvit chatted with April to learn more about Lvnea and the business of blending. April shared with us how she finds solace in Montreal, the first---quite pungent---scent she ever made, and how she harnesses inspiration for creating news blends.

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Velvit Welcomes Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm fine artist, Sam, talks to Velvit about her evolution as an artist, her fascination with death and rebirth, and her feelings about the overlap of fashion and fine art. 

France native Sam Ectoplasm opens up to Velvit about her very personal experience in dealing with existential issues in creating her work, how she found her aesthetic, and wonderful advice for aspiring artists. 

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Velvit Welcomes NUIT

Russian born designer Anastasia Ikonnikova of the unisex focused label NUIT discusses her Medieval studies, the launch of her newest collection, and how the travels of her music career has influenced her as a designer. 

Velvit is very excited to introduce Toronto based NUIT to the Vault, surrounding the buzz of her most recently dropped collection Antithesis. We had the opportunity to talk to Ana about her process, her favorite designers, and of course, the color black.

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Velvit Welcomes Age Decay

Chris Nicholls of solo group Age Decay talks night terrors, existential dread, and the color black

Velvit met with Chris Nicholls, who's EP Pavor Nocturnus recently dropped under his new musical project Age Decay. Chris enlightened us about his inspirations for the EP, which came from a mix of his fascination with black holes, a few of his favorite artists, and the independent artist community that has connected designers and musicians alike. 

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