Under Your Spell


ARTIST STATEMENt . ectoplasm

My drawings for Covet entitled Under Your Spell expresses the intense yearning for a feeling or for someone out of reach. The lovers kept apart are possessed by a whirlwind of thoughts, an overflow of emotions, symbolized by organic elements; floating in an ecstatic state, longing for unity. A thirst fueled by fantasies but left open; unquenchable. Gaping wound to gaping wound. The tension of desire and distance. Opposites calling each other. Carnal & cosmic, visceral & celestial, this quest for complementarities is lived in a timeless, infinite dimension.

The three drawings tell a story separately or can be seen as a whole, the center drawing of the triptych being the revelation, an abstraction of the sought-after interconnectedness.  - Sam Ectoplasm

Prints available here