Velvit is a concept-store and gallery of all black.  No exceptions. With Velvit's rotating gallery of look books and artist profiles, shoppers and art lovers can discover upcoming independent artists and designers from around the world.  Velvit's creator, Jaimie Lake, curates high-concept collections incorporating traditional and non-traditional artists who's work is  available for purchase and viewing. 


The Artists


As an online store, Velvit will only offer works by independent designers and artists, some pieces exclusively designed and made specifically for Velvit. These works go beyond visual art--- and include wearable art by way of clothing, accessories, and perfume. Velvit will be celebrating the art of speech with the same respect by showcasing poetry, performing artists, and music.  All artists from around the world have the opportunity to submit their work for curation.


The Gallery


Velvit's mission will always include showcasing diverse mediums of fine art. With each collection launched, there will be featured fine and traditional artist(s) who will show a series of work for the Velvit Gallery that complements the current curation in progress.  The work will be available exclusively through Velvit.


The Big Picture


Velvit only supports the slow fashion model in all their concepts. We do not support the depletion of fossil fuels and natural resources, often by way of Fast Fashion and mass production. We will not consider carrying mass manufactured labels or products, ever.