Petri Dish Series: Spacial Edition



In the last 5 years my work has gone through a radical change. Since the moment I was moved to introduce technology into the traditional process of painting, my work has been mediation between painting and technology. 

Through the years I became acquainted to various technologies, like 3D scanning and digital photography, and led by the possibilities that this opened I explored change in the medium upon which I work moving from big canvases to small paper, and lately migrating from the 2D surfaces of traditional painting to the 3D depth and fluidity of Petri dish cultures captured on still camera.  

The Petri Dish, in its symbolic power, reflects in my mind the growing powers of experimentation that characterize the beginning of the current century. As humans our civilization may soon be able to play with our inner codes and to reprogram the inner folds of ourselves, and we sourly lack the tools for direction in such new landscapes.

It is a dramatic discontinuity with previous lines of history and it is happening extremely fast. In the last few years I contemplate more and more the importance that ‘aesthetics’, intended as the values embedded in our emotional and sensory perception of the world, may assume in the transition phase, the possibility to read aesthetics more radically as the responsibility for the “curation-of-becoming” and bringing it to be a relevant voice in the ongoing debate about the future of our specie and life at large. 

The way I work on each petri dish entails the assembling of interacting materials and a set of subtle interventions along the process as a form of guided self-organization. By the agency of the materials the Petri Dish becomes generative and pregnant with morphogenetic capacities, transforming itself into the very ground from which patterns emerge as complex structures and are captured through technological ‘eyes’. They emerge in a way clean from a priori meaning intentionality, allowing the kind of ambiguity in which the observer can be immersed in contemplating flickering qualities devoid of specification. 

What I wish to provoke with this work is that becoming is fundamental to matter and that our tapping into that metamorphosis of our perception call for an aesthetic intelligence of shaping our becoming, I think of it as taking care of directionality. - JD DORIA

Prints available here