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Velvit Welcomes Age Decay

Chris Nicholls of solo group Age Decay talks night terrors, existential dread, and the color black

Velvit met with Chris Nicholls, who's EP Pavor Nocturnus recently dropped under his new musical project Age Decay. Chris enlightened us about his inspirations for the EP, which came from a mix of his fascination with black holes, a few of his favorite artists, and the independent artist community that has connected designers and musicians alike. 

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Velvit Welcomes Noctex

Velvit welcomes Vancouver based designer Negin Izad, the talented woman behind the environmentally conscious brand NOCTEX, who designs and creates in predominately all black.  

Negin Izad talks to Velvit about her strategy in juggling her last year in school as well as her successful line, her passion for creating a socially responsible brand, and the importance of knowing where you fashion comes from. 

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