black bird flying



Black Bird Flying chronicles the cycles of rapture, rebirth and transfiguration that occurs within the individual with the passing of each season. Just as nature runs its course, so the soul also is in a constant state of dying and giving birth to itself. The black bird within these drawings is the catalyst which brings about transformation to the individual soul. This changing world is flooded with liquids and emissions; the weeping, birthing, burning girls within the drawings are a microcosm of the cosmos within the self in the process of change. Other motifs also circulate- the irrevocable pull of the moon, the burning of past skins, and finally, the swelling of all beings towards fruition, towards a dimension contained outside of the drawings where completion is complete, but elsewhere. The bird is the carrier of this cosmos, bringing the soul both the state of destruction and the healing and impetus it needs to embark upon its journey. - Amy Goh

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