"COVET is our eternal longing. In our third curation, we wanted the story of Covet to encapsulate a man’s vulnerable side: a limerence. Imagine a desire so strong, you can feel their touch, taste their scent, recognize their movements, but your appetite could not be satiated. Everything seems just out of reach. With this curation, we close in on a selection of gender neutral works of perfected craftsmanship that are truly items to behold. Thou shalt covet.” 
- Jaimie Lake, Velvit LLC | Creator + Curator 

a mens and gender neutral curation


Photography only: Jingyu Lin

Photo editing: Jaimie Lake

Model: Wayland Jeb Howell

Make Up: Jaimie Lake

Hair:  Lorelei Vivienne


"YANG is our first curated unisex initiative. Classically the white associated with the aggressive, masculine, and positive energy of the Yin Yang, our goal was to experiment with themes of heavy contrast. If we allowed the "light" aspect of Yang to become swallowed by the darkness of Yin, what is left? The highlights of skin, the folds of layering pieces, and the reflections from textured surfaces. We wanted our 2nd campaign to depict Yang as the positive energy that emerges from YIn, the dark, transformative space." - Jaimie Lake, Velvit LLC | Creator + Curator

a unisex curated capsule collections


Photography: Lara Phillips 

Wardrobe Design/Stylist: Jaimie Lake

Makeup/Hair: Jaimie Lake

Models: Aislinn Kerchaert + Timothy O'Connell


"Yin is a showcase of the dark feminine spirit, consisting of 17 artists and curated by Velvit. Approached in a manner that's not always correlated with traditional chinese philosophy, Velvit has taken the cold, negative, and sometimes passive sinister tendencies of Yin and transformed them into a beautifully haunting exhibition of fashion focused and built upon the colour black."  - Josh Walker, The Colourblind | www.thecolourblind.com

a curated collection of the dark feminine


Photography: April Love

Wardrobe Design/Stylist: Jaimie Lake

Studio Assistant: Charlotte Yvonee

Models: Aislinn Kerchaert + Eve Rydberg

Hair: Lorelei Vivienne

Makeup: Jaimie Lake

Nails: Ashley Gregory