Treasures of Earth


ARTIST STATEMENt . cassie meder

Treasures of Earth is an indirectly expressionist project by Cassie Meder, starting as an impromptu collaboration and ending as a personal profession. The film personifies the curse of being owned by possessions and surrounding oneself with material goods and expiration dates rather than the with company of genuine people and spiritual treasures. Unfortunately this is greatly inspired by people Cassie has known personally, who are trapped by outer appearance, not realizing that their self worth cannot be measured by means of a personal brand. Even more unfortunate is the guilt Cassie suffers concerning this topic herself. Having a social media presence can be emptying if used incorrectly, and since moving to Nashville she been extremely isolated, locking herself in a small tower; being bound to one place by choice and fear. This film was also a result the fountain of inspiration Guillermo Del Toro's "Crimson Peak" provided in the months before its release. It was on Cassie's mind in every way; so, due to the anticipation, it ultimately bled into her work. Coincidentally, the concept of the film you see here does allude somewhat to Guillermo's motif in his own film- (humbly of course) to the antagonists being possessed and imprisoned by a structure, a name, and the past, ultimately diluting and damning themselves. - Cassie Meder

Directed, filmed, and edited by Cassie Meder
Starring Alexa Lipman
With the voice and poetry of Segovia Amil
Music by Kai Engel  
Featuring select pieces from Vespere Vintage
Styling and location provided by Alexa Lipman
Hair and makeup by Hannah Farmer