In the Black


artist statement . jaimie lake

Having built my directing repertoire the past few years ,  it was about time to try my range as Director of Photography, and jumped at the opportunity to direct and film , in collaboration with Cassie Meder of Casstronaut , for In the Black. In the Black is a study of the positive tension that comes with rebirth.  The calm, steadiness of Cassie's movements in contrast with the abstractions of light is a perfect blend of soft tension and hard curves, building the perfect storm for the waves and changes that have been happening within Velvit for the past year. 

and then finally, the anticipation of release. - Jaimie Lake

Director, DOP, and lighting by Jaimie Lake of Velvit LLC
Editing/Post Production and Co-Post Direction by Cassie Meder
Styling from Velvit by Jaimie Lake
Subject study of Cassie Meder
Clothing Designed and provided by Hogan McLaughlin  
Accessories sold at Velvit, by Murky
Sound 1 - Luciernaga
Sound 2 - aoiroooasamusi