Pavor Nocturnus by Age Decay

Pavor Nocturnus by Age Decay


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Pavor Nocturnus - is an exercise in cyclical and claustrophobic downer rock.  It deals with themes of sleep disorders, black holes, creativity, nature, and existential dread. Its musical outlook lies between dark hymns and the dolorous instrumentals of recent Earth. 

Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Chris Nicholls and influenced primarily by his night terrors, Pavor Nocturnus is an intensely personal record. The nocturnal sound of something creeping slowly, inevitably toward you in the dark.

Pavor Nocturnus is Age Decay's debut EP, recorded October 2014, self released digitally on Bandcamp and released through Breathe Plastic Records on cassette.

Written and recorded in Bristol, UK in Chris Nicholls' makeshift home studio, the EP draws inspiration from sources as disparate as Joy Division, Rowland S Howard, the art of Francis Bacon, the writing of Sartre and the films of Béla Tarr.

*The cassette comes with: a bonus EP- 'A World In Two' - on side B. These tracks showcase Age Decay's early infatuation with industrial music. Along with 4 pieces of Album Art created by Chris Nicholls (No. 2 & 3 showcased above).