Terre Noyée

Terre Noyée


By Lvnea

.33 oz (10ml)

*only 10 produced in this custom leather wrap in co-collaboration with OVATE

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TERRE NOYEE - drowned earth

A perfume based on petrichor - the smell after rain falls on dry earth. Notes of earth, crushed blades of grass, sodden wood, and bruised petals. 

2 oz. of a custom blended gender neutral scent exclusively for Velvit.  


"When I started composing this perfume based on the word's from Josh Walker's poem, "Drown", and "The Rains" by Age Decay, I pictured myself surrounded by heavy rainfall, the kind of rain that is so harsh, it beats and changes the terrain. And then I see myself ultimately drowning in the torrential rains.  

The phrase unrequited love really stood out to me. I thought about how the earth has an unrequited love for us. Even though it's detrimental for it to do so and we will ultimately cause it's demise while at the same time our own. 

I pictured the earth as it's flooded by devastating rains and then afterwards this would be the smell. Once the rain has stopped and we are all gone. 

I chose a base of heavy earthy notes and juxtaposed them with a bit of freshness and green spiciness. A kind of death vs new life theme and finding solace in the desolation."


baked earth, ruh khus, Haitian vetiver, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, green pepper, coriander, galbanum, and lime in a base of jojoba and coconut oils.