Scrawl Ring

Scrawl Ring

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By Hunter Gatherer
exclusively to Velvit


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Inspired by the minimal line and circle elements found in ancient graffiti. The Scrawl Ring mimics the face with a divided brass circle, symbolizing the relationship between mind and body, present and past. Each one-of-a-kind ring is cast from a twig. Designed in collaboration with Laura Gordon for her Spring 2014 collection “Scrawl.” Salvaged brass, powdercoat.

Circle detail is approximately ¾” tall x ½” wide


Powder Coat:

The Matte Black Powder Coat finish will naturally change over time. Part of the beauty of this kind of finish is it's slow erosion depending on your lifestyle and individual body chemistry.

Finish Maintenance:

If you prefer to maintain the matte finish avoid using oily hand creams while wearing the jewelry and always remove it before going to sleep and avoid submerging the jewelry in water and keep in storage box when not worn.

On the other hand, if you prefer a deep lustrous finish that is reminiscent of jet or mourning jewelry you can "shine" the work by using an oil or thick hand cream of your choice. Hunter Gatherer's favorite: raw coconut oil.