Path Necklace

Path Necklace

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By Lyleu 


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Horizontal hammered bar with leather necklace. 

Pendant measures approximately 10cm (4 inches) in length. Necklace measures approximately 50cm (20 inches) on each side. Partially oxidized sterling silver. Deer skin leather.

Each piece in made to order in Sydney, Australia. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.


Lyleu jewelry uses mostly recycled sterling silver in all jewelry. Our jewelry is made to last and can withstand regular wear, we recommend keeping jewelry away from chemicals and liquids, as well as removing jewelry when exercising, cleaning, swimming, etc. to preserve their wearable condition for as long as possible. Regular polished sterling silver can be kept on when washing hands with light hand wash or soap, however oxidized silver should always be removed if prolonging the surface color is desired.


Oxidization is the process of blackening silver through the use of a solution called Liver of Sulphur. After applying this treatment, we coat the jewelry with a thin layer of beeswax to give it a light polish and protection. That being said, it is a surface treatment only, and will wear away over time depending on how often it is worn or in contact with another surface it is not a sign of a faulty product. Typically, jewelry that has more contact with other surfaces will see oxidization wear away faster for example rings will fade faster than earrings.

To ensure that the treatment is prolonged, remove oxidized jewelry when in contact with liquids or rough surfaces. We personally like to see our jewelry worn and change over time with love, but also understand if you would prefer to have the treatment reapplied. If so, please contact us and this can be done with a nominal fee.


Lyleu necklaces use Deertan cowhide lace for the necklaces. All our leather components are coated with a light layer of conditioner which protects and waterproofs the leather, however we recommend always keeping leather jewelry away from contact with liquids.