Sadie Clayton's FW15 Collection

Dripping in blacks, covered in copper, and subtle sparkle. The FW15 collection of Velvit's Sadie Clayton and video collaboration with Mark Lebon.

Sadie Clayton, London, FW15, Velvit

We love all our designers represented on Velvit, but Sadie Clayton holds a special place in our hearts this FW15 season. 

During a Skype conversation one evening, I started showing Sadie my endless collection of crystals. She was so intrigued by my explanation of their healing properties. I watched as she quickly scribbled down notes of my crystals and their powers. On our next skype call, it was Sadie who was the one showing me her new collection of crystals that had passed down to her from a family member, and suddenly I was the one in awe! 

You could imagine my delight when Sadie started telling me about the concept of her newest collection: me and my obsession with crystals! She started describing to me the beautiful shimmery black fabrics she was going to use, along with her signature copper. And as her collection started to formulate, she broke the news that Mark Lebon would be directing and filming her presentation film of her FW15 collection.

And he did not disappoint!