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Velvit Welcomes Cindy Leper

Isabella Rosa of jewelry brand Cindy Leper talks about collecting bones instead of toys, ransacking warehouses for materials, and why the color black

Velvit had the pleasure of speaking with the wood-worker and jewelry maker to get a better sense of how her Italian roots and her family influence her art, what inspirations and fascinations motivate her creativity, and how her fashion philosophies affect her personal style and her designs.

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Velvit Welcomes Noctex

Velvit welcomes Vancouver based designer Negin Izad, the talented woman behind the environmentally conscious brand NOCTEX, who designs and creates in predominately all black.  

Negin Izad talks to Velvit about her strategy in juggling her last year in school as well as her successful line, her passion for creating a socially responsible brand, and the importance of knowing where you fashion comes from. 

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Velvit Welcomes Michael Pennick of Gray Matter

Michael Pennick of Gray Matter explains his process of subtraction, his inspiration from the human form, and his primal voice as an artist

Velvit talked with designer Michael Pennick about his creative process with leather materials, his challenges as a label owner, and his earliest fashion-related memory (hint: it involves The Lion King).

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