The Spirit

Cristina in her New Orleans apartment, spring '88.

Cristina in her New Orleans apartment, spring '88.

I have this friend, Cristina, who makes these mobiles, (she calls them house jewelry, I call them ceiling charms), out of old jewelry she use to wear. Every piece she uses is attached to a memory, a person, and a place. 

She recently made me a new ceiling charm to add to another piece she had given me. I love them dearly, but sometimes feel so bad because I know how I am parting with clothes and jewelry, even my own art work! It's the memory I'm still holding on to, not necessarily my love for the piece. It's probably human for us to feel attachment to inanimate objects. But even though these objects are without life, they collect living spirits.

I see this as Cristina's creative way to purge and pass on those moments to someone else, along with the spirit of these memories. I like to think i have spirits from wild night in the french quarter and cat collecting in Memphis dancing on my ceilings.

Like Cristina's ceiling charms, I feel that everything that has been crafted with love, care, and immense thought carries a spirit. The artists that will be revealed on Velvit carefully hand make every piece they design, laboring many hours on just one piece.  The visual art, accessories, clothing, --- and even house jewelry --- all absorb and collect the energy from those creating the work. At Velvit you are not just purchasing a new piece of art, but you are investing in a collective of personal vision, passion, and creativity; the artists' spirit.