Migration by Lykanthea

Lakshmi is Lykanthea, the explorer of dark depths in music, mood, and expression.

The Migration cassette is now available in our SOUNDS section as a part of the YIN | PART II collection! Lykanthea's music can be heard in our teaser videos and on Velvit here

An excerpt from out interview with Lakshmi:

"Migration is inspired by a series of 4,000-year-old Sumerian hymns that describe the goddess Inanna’s descent to the underworld and ascent back to the living. I’m intrigued by how the texts circle back to how Inanna gains self-knowledge over the course of her journey. The theme resonates with me increasingly, even as I gain distance from the record. Acquiring self-knowledge is a non-linear, often painful process, and that process is worth investigating."
- Lykanthea | Lakshmi Ramgopal

For more information on Lykanthea, read our exclusive interview with Lakshmi on the blog, and check out her artist profile